Regaliceratops Returns to Display

The discovery and reveal of Regaliceratops peterhewsi was one of the most exciting dinosaur stories of 2015. Regaliceratops, a new genus and species of ceratopsid (horned dinosaur), is the most impressive horned dinosaur discovery since Triceratops. Regaliceratops has recently returned to permanent display in Dinosaur Hall. These photos document its long journey from discovery to … Continue reading Regaliceratops Returns to Display


Fossils in Focus: Global Research of Ancient Alberta

The Royal Tyrrell Museum’s rotating exhibit, Fossils in Focus, reopens this Thanksgiving weekend with a new selection of specimens. Designed to highlight significant fossils from our vast collection, this year features current research being conducted by our scientists and other palaeontologists across the world from a variety of different disciplines. The diversity of research areas … Continue reading Fossils in Focus: Global Research of Ancient Alberta

Palaeoart: The Collaboration Between Art and Science

Palaeoart is the artistic interpretation of prehistoric animals and environments based on the fossil record. It is an increasingly complex and challenging art form. As new palaeontological discoveries are made, our view of the world in the deep past changes. Often, through scientific palaeo illustration—whether for a life-sized exhibit mural or a scientific press release—the … Continue reading Palaeoart: The Collaboration Between Art and Science

Fossils In Focus

The Museum’s collection of fossils is vast and diverse. The majority of specimens have been found right here in Alberta, the most remarkable place in the world to find fossils from 80 – 55 million years ago. Only a fraction of our collection is on display throughout the Museum. This rotating exhibit will highlight some of our most remarkable … Continue reading Fossils In Focus