Alberta’s Fossil Protection Legislation

Alberta’s palaeontological resources (fossils) became legally protected on July 5, 1978 when they were added to the province’s Historical Resources Act (HRA). This is the legislation and its associated regulations that we use to preserve and protect Alberta’s plentiful fossils. I will discuss the finer details of Alberta’s fossil legislation and protection strategies in future … Continue reading Alberta’s Fossil Protection Legislation

When a “Big One” is Found – What happens behind the scenes

When companies (or anyone, for that matter) encounter fossils while excavating, the Alberta Historical Resources Act requires them to report the find to Alberta Culture via the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. It is then up to us to determine what has been found, and how to get it out of the way as quickly … Continue reading When a “Big One” is Found – What happens behind the scenes

The Resource Management Program

The Resource Management Program is a relatively small program at the Royal Tyrrell Museum consisting of myself,  Dan Spivak, Head of the Resource Management Program, and Jen, Resource Management Assistant, and typically one or two students during the summer. We do, however, draw upon the experience and expertise of many people at the Museum, including … Continue reading The Resource Management Program