How a T. rex Travels from Gallery to Storage

How do you take down a Tyrannosaurus rex? Back in the Cretaceous Period, a mammal wouldn't stand a chance of being able to take down this apex predator; but for the mammals employed at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, taking down a T. rex is just another day at the office. This particular T. … Continue reading How a T. rex Travels from Gallery to Storage


Grounds for Discovery: A New Exhibit on Fossils and Industry

Thousands of cubic metres of soil, gravel, and bedrock are excavated in Alberta every year during industrial activities. A day at work might be just like any other day, or it could be a day when something extraordinary is discovered. In many places around the world, finding the remains of a prehistoric creature at work … Continue reading Grounds for Discovery: A New Exhibit on Fossils and Industry

Lords of the Land: Science Meets Art

Our Foundations exhibit may have just opened, but the Royal Tyrrell Museum never rests in its quest to show visitors the most accurate palaeontology information in dynamic displays. In 2017, a new exhibit will replace Lords of the Land, a beautiful gallery that highlighted some of the Museum’s most remarkable theropod specimens. Installed in 2007, … Continue reading Lords of the Land: Science Meets Art

Follow the Thread

At the Royal Tyrrell Museum, we are equal parts excited and nervous because we just launched our first large-scale exhibit in over five years. The exhibit, Foundations, is about everything that is important to us as a science and natural history museum, from the very beginnings of planet Earth, to the evolution of life, to … Continue reading Follow the Thread

A Museum at Work

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is excited to announce some big changes in our galleries. We’re making a mess right now as we prepare to open Foundations, the first new major exhibit at the Museum since 2010. Opening May 20, 2016, Foundations will provide visitors with background context for the journey through time as they explore … Continue reading A Museum at Work