Speaker Series 2019: Amateur Fossil Collector Maurice Stefanuk (1924-2016)

There are many individuals in the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology’s 30-year history who have contributed to its success as Canada’s dinosaur museum. Maurice Stefanuk (1924 – 2016) was one of the Museum’s first technicians and research assistants. He worked on many of the original specimens that are on display today in Dinosaur Hall. Born and raised in Drumheller, Stefanuk spent his childhood exploring the badlands. During one outing, he found a large carnivorous dinosaur tooth—a small discovery that sparked a lifelong interest in fossils from the area.

Stefanuk’s biggest contribution to science was the discovery of two of the best skeletons of the tyrannosaur Albertosaurus in Alberta. One was discovered in 1973 east of Trochu, and the other in 1985, not far from the Museum. Both of these specimens have been used in a number of displays and landmark scientific studies.

In his presentation, Darren Tanke discusses the life story of Maurice Stefanuk, and his contributions to palaeontology in Alberta.


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