Speaker Series 2017: Ecological Opportunity and Adaptive Radiation of Fanged Frogs in Southeast Asia

Adaptive radiation is when a group of animals evolve into different forms to fill different roles in their environment. In his talk, Dr. Ben Evans, McMaster University, provides evidence for an example of an adaptive radiation; the fanged frogs of Southeast Asia. Different species of fanged frogs have unique characteristics, including body size and reproductive strategy that allow them to co-exist in the same habitat. Through comparison to frogs in the Philippines and other species of animals, Evans discusses how fanged frogs underwent rapid speciation on Sulawesi, and how this fast-paced evolution led to remarkable changes. He also explains the broader context of fanged frog evolution for conservation and evolutionary studies.


1 comment
  1. Sally said:

    This is totally new to me — frogs with fangs?!? Amazing.

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