A Museum at Work

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is excited to announce some big changes in our galleries. We’re making a mess right now as we prepare to open Foundations, the first new major exhibit at the Museum since 2010.


Opening May 20, 2016, Foundations will provide visitors with background context for the journey through time as they explore the rest of the galleries. It will lay the groundwork for understanding palaeontology, the importance of Alberta’s fossils, and the Museum’s role in protecting and preserving Alberta’s rich fossil resources.

Working behind the scenes are project managers, curators, preparators, collections staff, interpretive content providers, fabricators, exhibit and graphic designers, marketers, and members of the management team. This new exhibit will use unique specimens to present the story of life on Earth, how geological and biological processes have shaped our world, and how life has found a way to survive several mass extinctions throughout its 3.9-billion-year-history.


Here is a sneak peek at how our new exhibit will look. Using Sketch-Up , our exhibit designers  lay out how the displays will be constructed to unfold the story. Sketches show visitor flow, preliminary design ideas, and interactive components that will be incorporated into the exhibit.

Interactive components such as a 4D globe, touch specimens, videos, and “the jacket lifting” game will enhance the visitor experience. Foundations will also give visitors a sense of the scope of the research that Museum scientists conduct and reasons why it is important to study the plants and animals found in the extensive fossil record.


2 thoughts on “A Museum at Work

  1. I spend a hole day in the museum.
    Beautifull !
    But what is the name of the living creatures in the water tank?
    Smal prehistoric fish.
    I saw them fout years ago.
    Greetings from the netherlands.

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