Preparation Lab Timelapse @RoyalTyrrell

Preparation Lab technicians of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology work with fossils as they are made ready for research and display. Doing so takes great patience and care to ensure that specimens are safely handled and prepared, guaranteeing that they will reveal all they have to offer to the scientists who will soon be studying them and the public who will eventually enjoy them on display. Here is a sneak peek of a typical day in the lab.


Field jackets and the fossils inside them are regularly moved around the lab to accommodate changes in work assignments and to make room for priority specimens. As often is the case, the specimens are too heavy to lift by hand and the team will use the three-ton overhead hoist to safely move the specimens around the lab. Here, separate field jackets containing the rib cage portion of a Fort McMurray elasmosaur and an Oldman River Leptoceratops are rearranged to make room for additional fossils to be prepared.


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