Foremost Book on Hadrosaurs Now Available

Hadrosaurs Book Cover

Hadrosaurs: The Royal Tyrrell Museum International Hadrosaur Symposium

Hadrosaurs were plant-eating dinosaurs and among the most successful species to have ever lived. Also known as duck-billed dinosaurs, they are one of the best-known groups of dinosaurs due to their abundance in the fossil record, notable diversity, and near global distribution in the Late Cretaceous.

In 2011, a collaboration led by Dr. David Eberth and Dr. David Evans between the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology and the Royal Ontario Museum brought together an international slate of over 80 scientists and enthusiasts to share their most recent scientific research on duck-billed dinosaurs. The outcome is the publication of the much-anticipated Hadrosaurs, which is the first book to focus entirely on this seminal species and updates our understanding of these “common” dinosaurs. The book shows that, in many ways, hadrosaurs were not so ordinary. The abundance of hadrosaurs in the fossil record has allowed us to learn more about dinosaur palaeobiology and palaeoecology than we have from any other group. The book also names three new kinds of duck-billed dinosaurs (Plesiohadros djadokhtaensis, Adelolophus hutchisoni, and Gongpoquansaurus mazongshanensis).

Dr. David Eberth, Princess Bonebed

Dr. David Eberth, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Princess Bonebed dig site.

Contributing authors propose that the success of duck-billed dinosaurs was likely driven by a combination of factors that included, most importantly, anatomically-unique and functionally-complex jaws and dentitions that processed plants more efficiently than those of any “reptile” before or since. Other unique hadrosaur innovations are explored, such as their communication abilities (involving their crests and a variety of sounds), their herding and group behaviours (including parental care), and their tolerance of many environments (ranging from the Arctic to the Equator), which likely contributed to their resilience.

Written for dinosaur enthusiasts, scientists, and all lovers of dinosaurs, Hadrosaurs is the most up-to-date literature on plant-eating dinosaurs. Secure your copy by emailing the Royal Tyrrell Museum Gift Shop at


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